6th May 2015

Seyshelles La Digue Island continued..

DSCF9200 DSCF0024-001 DSCF8650 DSCF0074-001 DSCF9316 DSCF9828 DSCF9382 DSCF9923 DSCF9971-001 DSCF9832 DSCF8604 DSCF8561-001 DSCF8647 DSCF8724 DSCF8616 DSCF8793 DSCF9219 DSCF9312 DSCF8879 DSCF8538-001 DSCF8662 DSCF8754 DSCF8871 DSCF9958-001 DSCF9816 DSCF9634 DSCF9249 DSCF9224 DSCF9131 DSCF9400 DSCF9544 DSCF8704 DSCF9406 DSCF9766 DSCF9854 DSCF9645 DSCF9551 DSCF9962-001 DSCF9663 DSCF8642 DSCF8622

The next and final set of photo’s from the enchanting La Digue..

Kolejna i ostatnia porcja zdjęć z bajecznej La Digue..


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