11th June 2013

My modest african wedding

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W zeszłym tygodniu ukazał się mój kolejny artykuł dla SHOPSTORY. Dla tych, których ciekawi dlaczego mieszkam w RPA i jak będzie wyglądać moje afrykańskie wesele zapraszam do lektury. Cały tekst w języku polskim możecie przeczytać TUTAJ.

Last week my next article for SHOPSTORY was featured. It’s written in Polish so I’ve tried to translate it here (below). It gives an insight into why I’m living in South African and a glimpse of what my African wedding will look like.

Imagine this.. an exotic beach, the sound of the sea, palm trees, and warm sand under your feet. Surrounded by your closest family and friends, with a young couple sharing their vows in front of a setting sun. This isn’t a scene from a movie, but from my wedding planned at the end of the year.

But maybe I’ll start from the beginning. Sometimes you never know what paths your life will take, just like mine when four years ago while in London briefly I met a guy from South Africa and fell desperately in love. We saw each other a few more times on holidays and in the end I dropped everything and moved to the other end of the world. The decision wasn’t easy, but I did it with no regrets.

As with any future bride planning a wedding is an unforgettable experience and that’s why I decided not to use the services of wedding planner and rather fine-tune all the details myself.

The first and most difficult choice (of course, apart from choosing a wedding dress – but more on that a little later) is the choice of location. In this part of the world you have a little more freedom about where you can get married, and believe me there is plenty to choose from!

In Africa, because of the beautiful weather all year-round many couples opt for an outdoor wedding ceremony or reception. For a more elegant or luxurious touch there are countless wine farms or estates. For the more adventurous there is the thrill of a wild safari wedding. I was intrigued by this option because I fancied the idea of arriving on the back of an elephant, but in the end my childhood dream took over and we decided on a beach wedding.

After several months and thousands of kilometers we found two possible locations; a beach near Cape Town with a colony of penguins on it, or a wild & secluded beach in Mozambique. We chose Mozambique as it was the country we got engaged in.

Getting married on a beach imposes a few important decisions on the wedding dress style. I don’t want it to look too classical with a giant veil as I’m not a princess, I want to keep it’s style minimalistic.

My dress choice also had to include some patriotism and I’m working with a trusted designer, Łukasz Jemioł in Poland. Together we decided that it must suit the exotic location. We reviewed a lot of inspirations & options together and came up with a dream creation.

One of the things that keeps me awake at night is the choice of wedding shoes. I love shoes and have quite a large collection so it’s not too easy to find a new dream pair. Because of where I live, I’m limited to online purchases only so it’s not going to be a walk in the park!

Slowly but surely the overall outfit & look is being progressed and I hope it will be a great impression on everyone, so I obviously can’t go into too much detail. Whatever happens it’ll be a great surprise.

Getting married far from home also brings with it the added complication of logistics; like reserving accommodation & planning transport for all the guests. Thankfully having a very intimate wedding in a remote location the decor will have to be very simple, and compiled with the help of the guests on the day before! There will obviously also be a Polish touch of vodka at the reception!

After this short holiday in Mozambique, tanned, rested (and hitched) we’ll be spending a few days on Safari with our close guests. I’d like to show my friends & family some of the nearby wilderness and natural beauty on my doorstep.

Keep your fingers crossed :)

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